Ladies Who Design is the collaborative and multi-disciplinary digital studio of Hayley Gilmore.

Hayley’s professional design work and artwork are often intertwined due to her interest in visual storytelling and typography. Her background in design education and art history continues to inform her approach as an artist. Combining analog processes with digital design, she strives to find the perfect balance between art and design to build a collection of products and digital resources that empower female creatives.

Since teaching and sharing are a crucial part of her creative art practice, her current focus with Ladies Who Design is to build an online space to inspire and highlight creative ladies in the design industry.

Many women study graphic design, yet only a small number go on to become working designers, and an even lower number become industry leaders. Ladies Who Design strives to build an active community of female designers and creators through mentoring, collaborations, and support. Here are a few links about why this is important:

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